Analytics Training

Following courses are on offer in the Advanced Analytics Category. All the courses are sufficiently hands on and are taught using case studies. Note*->The INR prices mentioned are for the Offline Instructor Led Training Program for Indian Residents. 

Overseas candidates

One on One Training is also available for Overseas candidates.Please write to us at-

Software Requirements for Overseas candidates: 

For R based Online training for Overseas candidates- R is Open Source and can be downloaded for free from For SAS based Online training for Overseas candidates- Its recommended that you arrange your own SAS software. We can provide access to SAS OnDemand, but it comes with a rider-is quite slow and does not work well with bigger datasets.

A good WiFi connection.

Module Description Duration-Hrs Prerequisite Level of Difficulty

Online Availability 

ADM1: Advanced Statistical Modeling using SAS/R for people with Non Statistics Background Applied Statistics topics starting from Measures of Central Tendency, distributions, hypothesis testing, Parametric and Non Parametric tests, Chi Square test, ANOVA, Univariate Analysis, BIVARIATE Analysis, Correlation, Regression Models, Logistic Regression 24 None-Basic SAS/R Programming for Modeling will be covered as part of the course 1 Yes
ADM2: Advanced Statistical Modeling using SAS/R for people with Statistics Background. Significance Tests, Chisquare, ANOVA, MANOVA, Correlation, OLS Regression, Logistic Regression, Factor Analysis & Cluster Analysis 24 Basic Statistics and Basic SAS/R Programming for Modeling will be covered as part of the course 1 Yes
ADM3: Basic Data Mining using R Topics->Introduction, Data Processing, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Approaches to   Estimation and Prediction, K nearest Neighbour Algorithm, Decision Trees, Hierarchical    And k Means Clustering, Association Rules, Model Evaluation Techniques. 24 None-Basic R for Modeling will be covered as part of the course 1 Yes
ADM4: Advanced Data Mining-Machine Learning Algorithms using R and Rattle Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, Adaptive Boosting, Naïve Bayes Classifier, Classification and Regression Trees, KNN and Neural Networks-Advanced Algorithms in Data Mining. 24 ADM3-Basic R for Modeling will be covered as part of the course 3  Yes
Special Courses-Topic wise Description Duration-Hrs Prerequisite Level Online Availability 
Advanced Multiple Regression and ANOVA Focus on Advanced Regression Concepts & ANOVA in detail and their implementaton using SAS, people who want to know it all about regression modeling 20 ADM 1 or 2 1 Yes
Practical Regression and ANOVA using R Focus on Advanced Regression and ANOVA in detail using R 20 ADM3 1 Yes
Logistic Regression using SAS Detailed coverage of Binomial and Multinomial Logistic Regression Modeling, covering advanced usage of Logistics Regression Models. Recommended for people who have basic knowledge of predictive modeling and want to know the in and out of one of the most popular techniques in Predictive Analytics. 24 ADM 1 or 2 2  Yes
Business Statistics for Managers and Fresh Graduates Covers all the statistical concepts in detail. It acts as a prelude to data mining/predictive modeling. Recommended for people with Non Stats background, who are entering or want to enter the burgeoning field of analytics and data mining 24 None 1 Yes
Survival Analysis using SAS-CLV Models Coming Soon!!! 30 ADM 1 or 2 3  No
Fixed Effects Regression Models for Longitudinal Data using SAS Coming Soon!!! 25 ADM 1 or 2 3  No