R Training

We offer quality training programs in R. R has a steep learning curve and is not easy to use for a beginner but methodical learning can help in mastering it completely. Can you learn it by yourself ? The Answer is yes-there are plenty of videos and stuff available on R (just google it), the only thing that will be required is effort from your end. But if you are unable to make that effort due to whatever constraint, then we are at your door step. We do encourage Self Learning-and if you are capable of doing that, then you need not spend any penny on learning stuff from us. You should only come to us if you are convinced that you do need some mentoring and guidance in building a skill set in this area.

For overseas candidates 

The below R Trainings are available under “One on One Program” for Overseas students as well as part of Online program.

Please write to us at info@analyticstrainings.com to reserve a slot.

Software Requirement for Overseas candidates:

R is Open Source and can be downloaded for free from http://www.r-project.org/

A good WiFi connection.

Module Description Duration-Hrs Prerequisite Level
R Fundamentals  R Programming basics-vectors, matrices and arrays, lists,data frames, factors and tables, programming structures-operators, control statement,functions, basic graphic, data aggregation and data modification 25 None, but some prior programming background will help 1
Data Preparation with R*-Primer Data aggregation, modification, variable transformations, missing value treatment, and all the intricasies involved in data cleaning and lot more 25 Basic R 2
R Graphics*-Primer R is known for its graphic capabilities, so master them completely with “R Graphics”. Learn about Scatter plots, histograms, line graphs,bar charts, box plots, heat maps and contour plots in detail 22 Basic R 2
R for SAS Users How to write the programming equivalent of SAS in R 22 None 1