CRM Analytics Training

Understand the nuts and bolts of CRM Analytics by enrolling for the course CRM Analytics-Customer Segmentation.

This course deals with data mining techniques in the CRM Framework, Clustering Algorithms (Hierarchical Vs Non Hierarchical, K-Means etc), segmentation types in Consumer Markets such as

  • Value-Based Segmentation
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Propensity Score-Based Segmentation
  • Loyalty Segmentation
  • Socio-Demographic and Life Stage Segmentation
  • Needs/Attitudinal-Based Segmentation

Case Studies with data on application of segmentation in retail banking, segmentation of customers in Mobile Telephony, Segmentation for Retailers (RFM Analysis). The course will be taught using SAS. Prior knowledge of SAS and basic data mining techniques will be helpful.

Online Availability for Overseas Students-YES