Business Analytics Training

We offer hands on and industry relevant Business Analytics Courses dealing with wide range of Business Analytics Scenarios like-RFM Analysis, Database Marketing, Campaign Management and Campaign Response Modeling, Cross Sell Modeling, Up Sell Modeling, Credit Risk Analytics (PD Models-Developing Credit Risk Scorecard Models-BASEL II), Attrition/Churn Modeling, Price Elasticity Modeling, and Market Basket Analysis (Association Analysis in Shopper Analytics) etc.

Please note- These topics are taught using practical cases/projects-with industry relevant datasets i.e. a project based approach.

If your focus is just to have a working knowledge in these areas, then we suggest that Internet/Google is the best way to learn these topics, but if you want to learn hands on predictive modeling in these areas, and require mentoring and guidance in developing that know how, that is where we bring value to the table. We don’t waste our and your time by taking you through endless and meaningless presentations, our each course is backed with DATA, CODE and a BUSINESS CASE

It is assumed that you have prior knowledge of Modeling before taking these courses, but if you do not have the prior exposure to predictive models and basic data mining, we recommend that you learn some basic data mining and predictive modeling and then go for these courses.

The above mentioned Business Analytics Scenarios are broadly covered under the following modules 

Retail Analytics 

Understand typical analytics in the Retail Sector by working on Cases on RFM Analysis, Campaign Response Modeling, Cross Sell Modeling and application of Market Basket Analysis in the Shopper Analytics segment. These cases will be covered using a mix of tools-SAS and R.

Course Price: 29,979 INR Also available ONLINE for Overseas Students 


CRM Analytics

This course deals with data mining techniques in the CRM Framework, segmentation types in Consumer Markets, Case Studies with data on application of segmentation in retail banking,segmentation of customers in Mobile Telephony. Although this course is a subset of Retail Analytics but we think that CRM/Customer Segmentation is a vast category and must be taught as a separate category.

Course Price: 29,979 INR for Instructor led classroom program. Also available ONLINE for Overseas Students

 Credit Risk Analytics

This course specifically deals with developing PD (Probability to Default) Models-Credit Risk Scorecard Models under BASEL II. We will briefly discuss the basic fundamentals and related concepts in Credit Risk, but our main focus is going to be on developing Credit Risk Scorecards Models-from HOW TO DEVELOP CREDIT RISK MODEL perspective, using popular techniques like Logistic Regression, and not from WHAT IS CREDIT RISK perspective. We will deal with data preparation, understand the typical variables in Credit Risk Models (like delinquency in 60/90/120 day period, tradelines, total defaults, total assets, balance to debt ratio, demographic variables,  trend variables on account/tradeline activity etc and others), binning/coarse classification of the variables, Information value and Weight of Evidence, imputation and missing value treatment, variable transformations, using Data Mining techniques like Logistic Regression and others to build a PD Model, Model Evaluation,Validation and Monitoring, understanding PSI (population stability index) and Scaling/Calibration in Credit Scoring.

 Course Price: 29,979 INR.  Also available ONLINE for Overseas Students

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