About Us


We Provide Offline & Online -Instructor Lead Specialized Training in Advanced Analytics and Data Mining and its application in different verticals like Retail, Financial Services, Telecom etc. AnalyticsTrainings.com is an initiative led by experienced Data Mining and Analytics evangelists, having extensive experience in the Analytics Consulting Industry with organisations like IBM, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Deutsche Bank and few others along with extensive Analytics Training experience.


To make people “Analytics Literate”


We do not compromise on ethics, integrity and quality. Providing a real value based training is the core of our mission. Education is our passion and is just not a business for us. We are not driven by monthly sales targets (read Student enrollment/month). We believe, if we bring you value, it will automatically translate into superior brand image and revenue.

We understand that Analytics, a combination of Maths, Statistics, Economics, Business is an Elite skill set to have in one’s armory today and we also understand that different people have different learning preferences, some learn better in a group, some learn better individually, hence we have come up with a model-Learn Analytics One on One apart from a regular class room program.

Very often we enroll for programs, only to regret it later. We decided to flip the equation. Attend a couple of sessions for free, if it meets your expectations, enroll, else you are most welcome to join some where else. ¬†We operate out of a small place (which happens to be the residence of the Founder), and if you are looking for a real learning, we assure you we will provide the best in class training. We don’t charge upfront, we only charge if you feel its adding some value to you and you are convinced that you want to proceed with the training.